Phyto-Infusion Serum 

Showcasing a list of extraordinarily well-curated ingredients like vegan stem cells, acai, lactobacillus, potent antioxidant buddleia ("summer lilac"), rare, ultra-protective Alpine flower Edelweiss, Vit C and ceramides, this incredibly revitalizing serum breathes new life into skin (suitable for all types and just brilliant for more mature skin)

Emerald Sun Hydrosol Serum

This light, energising serum drink for skin works at deep levels to boost cell renewal, speed up collagen creation, protect cellular DNA and "soothe, brighten, hydrate and improve" overall and if your skin has been looking below par lately, this will bring it alive again.

Ormus Myst

The magic of this mist is in the sacred ingredients: precious mineral-rich high altitude Colorado Spring Water, rose and jasmine oils, infused with frankincense and quartz crystal - it's a face mist, space mist, pillow mist, or mood mist. Beautiful.

- Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019
March 04, 2019 — Tracey Drabløs
Tags: Awards