A More Sustainable Spa Experience

How Ethical Consumerism is Paving the Way For A More Sustainable Spa Experience

A place to rest, restore and renew; spas are the go-to place when you are in need of a pick me up, or time to check out from the modern world stresses. With the rise in ethical consumerism, many industries have had to make the shift to become more conscious about the way they do business, and spas are one of those incorporating sustainability into the core of their values, and with good reason. With the spa sector depending on many natural resources from clean water to fresh air, it is likely that we will see many spas taking a more eco-friendly approach.

It’s not just eco-spas that are making these changes, spas all around the globe are starting to become more aware and initiating ethical practices that incorporate people, planet and profit. From homegrown ingredients on the menu to chemical-free pools and even going fully plastic-free, there are many initiatives that spas are using to try and reduce their carbon footprint.

The rise in conscious consumerism, particularly among the younger generation, has also forced spas to reconsider the products they use in their beauty treatments. Consumers are now more aware than ever about the consequences of using products that contain toxic ingredients and are beginning to make more conscious choices.

Natural and organic beauty treatments are not only better for the guests and the environment, but also for the therapists who consistently come into contact with the products. Our extensive line of high-performance organic skincare is consciously formulated using alive, wildcrafted ingredients that offer unique treatment protocols to meet the demands of the spas across the globe.

The innovation of beauty and skincare products in recent years means that ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ is no longer accessible to a select few, and we now know how to take natural ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer, and make them even more effective than their toxic counterparts to help repair, regenerate, balance and protect.

We pride ourselves on using wildcrafted ingredients due to their purity and their ability to support your overall physical and emotional health and wellbeing. This is why many of our award-winning products are featured in beauty treatments at luxurious spas around the world, helping guests to balance mind, body and spirit.

Our most recent partner, and the first in the UK, The Floating Spa at The Monkey Island Estate, will be offering bespoke ISUN treatments from February this year, which includes our signature Gemstone Crystal Balancing Facial and Massage.

By partnering with brands that share a similar ethos, spas can work towards creating a holistic environment that supports a sustainable future, whilst providing consumers with more eco-friendly options.

If you would like to hear more about becoming a partner or stocking our spa range, then please connect.

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