Age-Revitalising Facial Oils for Maturing Skin

Some of the most potent, rejuvenating and nourishing ingredients on the market today are plant-powered. After years of research Bunnie Gulick, founder of ISUN, has combined natural plant ingredients, ethically sourced from all around the globe, to bring you the very best in organic and natural skin care.

In our 30’s we start to see the first tell-tale signs of ageing. The skin often becomes drier, thinner and fine lines begin to appear. Stress, lack of sleep, diet, sun exposure and lifestyle all affect our skin, leading to a gradual loss of elasticity, ability to produce collagen and retain moisture. ISUN has created three high performing moisturisers using 100% pure, wildcrafted, organic and natural ingredients that are preventative and reduce the signs of ageing in skin.

ISUN’s high-performing facial oil moisturisers are vibrantly alive, teeming with nutrients, in perfect harmony with our skin. The advantage of using facial oil moisturisers is their ability to cross the skin barrier and penetrate into the deeper tissues where skin regeneration and rejuvenation occurs. Creams, on the other hand, are basically a blend of wax and water ingredients with some oil. They cannot penetrate deeply into the tissues to deliver active nutrients where they can make a difference, nor can they be 100% pure and active as oils can.

All three ISUN facial oils offer maximum levels of antioxidants and other nutrients for skin health and transformation including: 

- Collagen boosting vitamin CoQ10, carotenoids, tocopherols and other rejuvenating nutrients that penetrate deeply for skin transformation.

- An array of essential fatty acids and concentrated herb-infused oils containing a range of antioxidants, antimicrobials, regenerating and anti-inflammatory herbs will moisturise and hydrate your skin and offer natural UV protection.

The difference between the three oils lies in the blend in base oils and essential oils specific for individual skin types. Intense Ultra Restore is suitable for dry skin, Ultra Restore for normal- combination skin and Ultra Sapphire for sensitive skin.

After only a few weeks of using ISUN’s facial oil moisturisers, you will notice that your skin has a beautiful, radiant glow, with a more even skin tone and fine lines have become less visible.
Use the facial oil for your skin type morning and evening after cleansing. For deeper skin rejuvenation apply Phyto-Infusion Serum and/or Emerald Sun Hydrosol before applying the facial oil moisturiser. 

With love

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