Best Wildcrafted Beauty Brand

"ISUN alchemises the energetic potency of Mother Nature's wildest, most healing plants, herbs, fruits and flowers and pours these precious phyto-active skin-boosting elixirs into bottles and balms that will make your skin sing".

- Winner - Best Wildcrafted Beauty Brand - Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019

We are delighted to have won Best Wildcrafted Beauty Brand this year. Read on to learn why we choose Wildcrafted ingredients for ISUN...

Consumers are becoming increasingly informed and selective about what they use on their skin. However, many don’t know the difference between organic and wildcrafted. Organic is often thought of as the best kind of product, ingredient, or growing method. But actually, there’s a purer, more natural approach to growing plants… let us introduce you to ‘Wildcrafted’.

Understanding the difference between wildcrafted and organic ingredients could make your shopping decisions so much easier. You may also make better choices if you’re looking to use pure and natural products with the finest quality ingredients and properties.

Organic products & ingredients:

Plants that are certified organic are usually grown commercially in a controlled farm environment. They are grown on unpolluted land, without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers, or herbicides. This means that organically grown plants are better for the environment, the soil, for nature, and of course better for human use or consumption.

Wildcrafted products & ingredients:

As the name suggests, wildcrafted plants are grown in the wild. These plants are grown naturally, without any human intervention, therefore are supported by compatible plants and eco-systems in soil that is teeming with abundant life and nutrients to support their growth. They are truly wild, native and organic by their own nature, and retain the positive attributes of plants grown in their natural habitat.

There are harvesting guidelines for wildcrafted plants, ensuring that this method is eco-friendly.

  • Never harvest an endangered species.

  • Don’t pick immature plants.

  • Don’t collect more than 15% of a particular plant in one area.

  • Don’t harvest more plants than needed at a given time.

  • Don’t damage surrounding plants or environment.

  • Don’t harvest from compromised or polluted environments.

  • Replace plants with seeds, if the whole plant needs harvesting.

Wildcrafted vs. Organic:

In many ways, wildcrafted and organic plants offer similar benefits and ethics. The difference is, organic plants are not exposed to environmental stressors in the way that wildcrafted plants are, because they’re grown in a controlled environment. Due to this protection, organic plants do not fully develop nutrients and phytonutrients, reducing their nutritional value. Wildcrafted is the most natural form of a plant, harvested from rural or remote regions, untouched by humankind.

ISUN’s first choice of ingredients for their products is always, wildcrafted plants in the form of herbs, oils, and essential oils. Alive wildcrafted plants are the most harmonious with our bodies, offering diverse benefits for our skin and overall well-being. ISUN’s skincare products are made with natural, wildcrafted, real ingredients, that are protective, nourishing, calming, and hydrating to the skin. Wildcrafted ingredients are higher in superconducting ions and biophotons. These are easily absorbed by our skin and send positive messages to our skin receptors, producing beta-endorphins, which are hormones that awaken the natural radiance in our skin and promote feelings of well-being.

Shop ISUN’s full range of wildcrafted and organic skincare here, with an informed view on the difference between wildcrafted and organic ingredients.

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