Conscious Ingredients

Our 'Do No Harm' Principles

The leading principle in the selection of ISUN ingredients is that no ingredient used in any product, or the final product itself, bring harm to any individual or the environment in any way.

Do No Harm to the user or consumer of the products
Foremost, this means using no harmful chemicals in our products. Topically applied products are absorbed through the skin into the subcutaneous tissues just beneath the skin’s surface that contain tiny blood capillaries. Chemicals (as well as nutrients) in skin care products travel through these capillaries into larger veins and eventually into the tissues, organs and cells of our body. Chemicals in skin care products that are deposited into our tissues and cells can have hidden damaging effects that are not obvious to us. Some hidden effects may be:

1. Weakening of our immune system that may lead to illness and more long-term serious, degenerative disease.
2. Liver congestion that upsets more than 400 functions in our body also leading to lowered immunity with greater susceptibility to illness and disease, as well as digestive disturbances, ageing effects in skin and in the body, skin imbalances, fatigue & mental lethargy.
3. Cellular DNA alterations that can lead to cancers, poor cellular metabolic activity causing more rapid ageing effects, and undermining overall physical and mental health.
4. Alterations in brain chemistry that may lead to imbalanced emotional disturbances such as depression, angry outbursts, fear or anxiety.

Many of the undermining results of chemicals listed above that enter the body via the skin occur from accumulation over time from applying products containing harmful chemicals. With the long-term effects of chemical accumulations in the tissues, most often when illness or disease happens many months or years later, the use of such topically applied products is not associated as a probable cause of the problem, yet they may well be an underlying factor.

Often, skin care products that give short-term desired aesthetic results due to the chemical actives present in the product, actually have a long-term result with more visible ageing effects in the skin than before the product use. 

It’s important to have an awareness of the names and the potential dangers of some of these chemicals. So here are a few of these not so pleasant ingredients.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) / Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
Commonly used as foaming agents, SLS and SLES feature in many skin care and beauty products, some of which include moisturisers, skin cleansers, body washes, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and mascaras. Both of these closely related chemicals are esters of sulphuric acid, both are irritants, and both can cause damage to hair follicles, to the eyes and to the skin.

SLES is infamous for causing drying of the skin by stripping away its natural oils.  If absorbed into the body, SLS mimics the behaviour of oestrogen. This can lead to the development of hormonal imbalances, PMS and menopausal symptoms.

Parabens inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus and microbes. For this reason, they’re used as preservatives in many skincare products. They may be good for preventing the growth of natural pathogens, but unfortunately, parabens have unpleasant characteristics of their own. Like SLS, they mimic hormones, potentially resulting in early puberty and reduced fertility.

Synthetic Fragrances
The majority of synthetic fragrances used in beauty and skincare are created using by-products of petroleum and natural gas known as petrochemicals. Some common petrochemicals include Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Methanol, and Phthalates.

Protracted exposure to these chemicals has been linked to the disruption of the endocrine system and to several types of cancer. But as there’s currently no existing requirement to specify these chemicals on product ingredient lists, many will simply be cited as ‘fragrance’ - so beware of what this term might belie. 

It should be said that any negative health implications brought about by the use of products containing any of the chemicals mentioned above are only ever likely to occur after regular, prolonged use. 

Do No Harm to the ecological environment.
ISUN natural ingredients come from global sources where animals, microorganisms and their ecosystems are protected ... Where sustainable practices and harvesting support a thriving, healthy, natural diverse environment.

Do No Harm to those from whom we source our ingredients.
Our ingredients are purchased in fair trade where all are paid fair wages and no child labour is employed.

Do No Harm to animals.
No ingredient used in ISUN products and no ISUN product has been subjected to animal testing.

ISUN skin care products do not contain damaging ingredients that may cause ‘hidden’ harmful effects to the body and mind. ISUN products do the opposite by incorporating pure healing ingredients that enhance body-mind health. 

With love

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