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How to Maintain Healthy Skin During Winter

As we get further into the winter months, harsh weather conditions can take a real toll on your skin, causing it to flake, itch, dry out, or even crack. Low temperatures, harsh winds and low humidity levels result in dry air, which can strip moisture from your skin every time it’s exposed. This season, make sure you don’t suffer the consequences of winter on your skin by following our important lifestyle tips…

Cool down your water:
Bathing in a hot bath is something we all love after a long cold day, but this could be contributing to the dryness of your skin. Try to keep your water lukewarm, especially when washing your hands and face. Hot water has been proven to cause irritation, strip your skin of its oils, and spur on skin issues such as eczema.
Protect your skin:
Protecting your skin is just as important in the winter than it is in the summer, especially on your face. The suns UV rays are still damaging your skin even if it doesn’t feel like it, so keep on top of the sunscreen. Protecting your skin with gloves and scarves is also important, shielding your skin from harsh winds, rain and snow.

Drink water:
As the season gets colder a lot of us turn to hot drinks such as hot chocolates, teas and indulgent festive drinks, especially as we draw closer to Christmas. But it’s so important to look after your skin from the inside out, and keeping hydrated is essential for this.

Relieve stress:
Winter can be a rough time, with short days, little sunlight and cold weather conditions, so keeping your stress levels to a minimum is so important, especially in the run-up to Christmas. High levels of stress can have real consequences on your skin, causing skin conditions to trigger such as psoriasis and eczema. Partaking in yoga and meditation can really help to relax your mind, your body and relieve stress.

Turning up your heating to keep warm is inevitable when it comes to winter, but this could also be having negative consequences on your skin. Heating systems dry out moisture in the air, leaving your skin feeling dry and sore. Try putting a humidifier in your house, in particular, your bedroom, to put back the moisture into the air.

Combining these lifestyle tips can really help maintain healthy skin this season, and will provide you with long-lasting benefits, especially as you age. Alongside these tips, it’s also important to treat the skin with quality driven products that are proven to soothe, soften and moisturise. So make sure you read our article to follow, recommending key products to keep your skin soft, smooth and healthy this festive season. 

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