ISUN Essentials for Healthy Skin this Winter

Protecting your skin this season is a must, especially as the temperature falls into single and minus figures. In our previous blog post, ‘How to maintain healthy skin during winter’, we explain how you can protect your skin by following some simple, yet essential lifestyle tips that are proven to work. Combined with these lifestyle tips, using the right products is also important, especially when trying to achieve softer, smoother skin and a radiant glow. ISUN’s unique products, ‘Sapphire Facial Oil’ and ‘Golden Body Balm’, infused with uplifting fragrances perfect for the season, are nourishing must-haves this winter!

Read on as we describe their incredible properties and how they’re proven to nourish and protect your skin.

Sapphire Facial Oil 

‘The face’ – the most exposed and unprotected part of our body, always takes a beating from the harsh winds, rain and snow; which has probably already started to take a real toll on our skin. Dryness, redness and cracking are just a few skin problems many of us are already facing; so it’s more important than ever to use a nourishing, quality-driven facial oil, proven to work. Infused with herbs, our sapphire facial oil is a calming facial-oil moisturiser that soothes, protects and prevents ageing effects in skin. 100% pure and active, its unrefined seed oils help calm the skin as they restore its natural moisture barrier; but without clogging the pores. Perfect for normal or sensitive skin, all you need is 1-3 pumps for your face and neck, morning or night.

Golden Body Balm 

It may be hidden beneath layer upon layer of clothing, but it’s also imperative to look after your body this winter, as you may not be aware of the harsh effects the cold weather is having on your skin. Soothing and repairing skin irritations, redness or dryness is so important, making our Golden Body Balm your perfect go-to remedy this winter. This balm is enriched with nourishing seed butter and herb-infused oils that are perfect for providing the TLC your body will be crying out for. The high percentage of antioxidant-rich oils provide protection against free radicals, especially against environmental damage; while its calming and regenerating nutrients will leave your skin feeling intensely hydrated and replenished; particularly when exposed to colder climates. This Golden Body Balm is ideal for all skin types and can also be used on the face to protect from the cold weather, sun and wind.

So ensure you don’t underestimate the need to protect your skin this winter. Indulge in the power of ISUN’s skincare to help keep your skin looking and feeling its very best.

With love

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