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ISUN Skin Strategy

For maximum results, our key-performing facial products are designed to work in synergy together for optimal regeneration and prevention of ageing effects. This works best in a layering process.

Step 1

Emerald Sun Hydrosol, a water-based product, is the perfect product to apply first after cleansing. The negative ion-charged base solution facilitates efficient delivery of moisture and nutrients into the skin.

Step 2

Phyto-Infusion, our powerful facial serum, is a oil in water based product that is applied next. Its composition helps seal in the valuable nutrients in the Emerald Sun Hydrosol. The oil in water structure can effectively penetrate cell walls and drive the nutrients from both products deeper into living tissues where regeneration occurs.

 Step 3

The final layer is a pure, 100% active facial oil that, due to the solubility of oils in skin, can cross the skin barrier and enter the capillaries.

The tiny oil molecules present in our facial oils act as carriers for the nutrients in all three layered products, while the larger molecules remain in the outer layers of skin to protect and strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

The Results

With this optimal regime, you will experience both short and long term results. Some immediate results you may notice are increased moisture with lines and wrinkles appearing softer, calm skin, and a healthier, radiant glow. With regular daily use, after 40 days, your skin gradually becomes more firm with less sagging, fewer ageing effects and a more youthful, glowing appearance. Over years of use, the normal ageing process in skin is significantly slowed and retains a healthier, younger-looking complexion without any other intervention.

With love

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