Living Water

Light is the life-force of living water that carries all life. It dynamically expands and contracts as it flows and jubilantly dances in spiralling vortexes over rocks and fallen branches. In rapid movement, it gains life-enhancing biophotons (light) and ions and absorbs more oxygen to create a molecular structure that powerfully increases its energy. 

Living water has an extraordinary ability to retain energy and memory and can be used as a medium of consciousness to help heal, uplift and enhance life. Research scientist, Masaru Emoto proved to the scientific community that intention expressed in words or thoughts are captured and retained in water, including the water in our bodies which is approximately 70% of our physical structure.

Emoto recorded the crystal formations that occurred when a word or thought was spoken or written on a piece of paper and taped on a vessel of water. Positive words or thoughts such as "Love and Gratitude" caused the water to form beautiful crystalline structures. When negative thoughts or words were expressed, the crystalline structures became disorganised.

Living water is life-enhancing and can be programmed with the intention to carry positive messages with healing energy to our bodies or any life form as Masaru Emoto demonstrated. This occurs by transmission of the subtle energy in the intention of the message and communicated via electromagnetic currents. This is how the power of intention works whether the water is in an ocean, or in a glass, or in plants or our bodies.

In our bodies, a healing intention may be received by the biophotons present in our bodily fluids and carried via electromagnetic currents to our organs and tissues. In our skin, the largest organ in our body, positive healing intentions imparted in living water that is applied topically to our skin, has the potential to facilitate more rapid communication for repair and regeneration.


ISUN Ormus Myst Facial mist

ISUN’s signature mist and sacred aroma is derived from the pure living water pouring out from a hidden forested mountain-side cavern at 3,000 meters in the pristine mountains of Southern Colorado. Called the ‘Shining Mountains’ by the Ute Indians because of the quality of light and vibration in the region, the water is alive with rejuvenating energy to restore health and well-being. 

With love

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