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Skincare That Promotes Health And Well-Being

ISUN products have been consciously formulated to provide a ‘Quantum Healing Effect’ for total well-being – body, mind and spirit. This means, that beyond the obvious effects that support more youthful, balanced, radiant skin, ISUN skin care products also support overall physical and emotional health and well-being. There is purpose in this. When we are better balanced physically, mentally and emotionally, our hearts are more open, we tend to feel better about ourselves and more loving with others. We are also more open to higher awareness which is often expressed in our thoughts, words and actions. The core intention of providing a skin care product that can produce a positive healing effect for the overall body, mind & spirit, opens a pathway to fulfil the ‘seed intention’ of ISUN as described above. A quantum healing effect that offers a sense of total well-being from a skin care product can only be fulfilled when the products meet the following criteria: 

1. They are created from inception with positive, clear intentions.

2. They are made from pure, unadulterated, life and health giving ingredients.

3. They are made with living, high life-force ingredients.

ISUN skin care products meet this criteria, providing a foundation for inner and outer radiance. This makes it possible to experience an inner feeling of total well-being and greater awareness of the true nature of self, others and nature.

With love

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