The Myth About Facial Oil Moisturisers

It's a common belief that oils clog pores and sit on the skin. This is a myth. Our skin is oil-loving and readily absorbs oils. ISUN facial oils are formulated to penetrate deeply carrying all the beneficial nutrients in the oils to the cells where repair and regeneration happen.

Creams, on the other hand, are basically a blend of wax and water ingredients with some oil and cannot penetrate deeply into the tissues to deliver active nutrients where they can make a difference, nor can they be 100% pure and active as oils can.

ISUN facial oils are 100% pure and 100% active containing no ‘filler’ ingredients. Every drop is alive and highly energetic.

Moisturising Herbal Facial Oils
Our vibrantly alive herbal oils are pure consciousness in a bottle. Carefully selected wildcrafted and organic herbs are infused into unique oil blends to support a healthy balance for varied skin types. Antioxidant herbs and oils are included to help prevent signs of ageing.

The pure organic vitality of each facial oil moisturiser offers a perfect solution for young adult skin to help maintain health, balance and the forever beautiful glow of youthful radiance. Lovely for maturing skin too!

Star - Performing Moisturisers
ISUN’s distinctive high-performing, 100% pure and active oil moisturisers are vibrantly alive, teeming with nutrient value and are in perfect harmony with our skin.

ISUN offers three skin-transforming facial oil moisturisers for individual skin types. All three facial oils offer maximum levels of key beneficial antioxidants and other nutrients for skin health and transformation. The difference in the three oils is varied base oils and essential oils specific for the individual skin types designated for each revitalising facial oil.



With love

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