Unique Skincare

ISUN skin care products include a range of consciously selected, high-performance wild-crafted, organic & natural, complex ingredient blends. The leading principle in the selection of ISUN ingredients is that no ingredient used in any product, or the final product itself, bring harm to any individual or the environment in any way. 

ISUN products from start to finish are made in a very conscious environment. The making of ISUN products is not in any way outsourced to an independent manufacturer.

The unique processes for making herbal oils and herbal extracts are key to ISUN products extraordinary activity and performance in skin. Manufacturing skin care products with low temperatures, maintains the highest levels of integrity and activity of the live plant ingredients - Thus insures that the skin is receiving all the nutrients and benefits from the plant ingredients.

The majority of ISUN products are pure oil base and require no added preservatives because pure oils or butters do not hold or foster the growth of bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Where a preservative is needed ISUN has discovered Aspen Bark Extract, a naturally-derived preservative that works as effectively as parabens in skin care products without altering the product in any way.

For more information about ISUN Skincare products or opportunities in the UK please connect@isunskincare.co.uk 


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