We Give Back to Ourselves ~ We Give Back to Others

We give back to our wonderful ISUN family by holding time and keeping sacred space in our workplace for conscious breathing practices and silent stillness in meditation together; By supporting a healthy lifestyle of eating and detoxification programs; In sharing knowledge that uplifts the well-being of body, mind and spirit; And encouraging activity and joyous communication with nature.

We give back to others in varied ways, but hold a special place in our hearts for children and youth in need of guidance and care. Our children and youth of today are bringing in a new paradigm of understanding, community and leadership in the world. Many are born without love or opportunities for education and personal growth.

Through your purchase of ISUN products, you share with us in giving monthly donations to ‘Feed The Children’ (feedthechildren.org) and to the ‘International Association for Human Values’ (IAHV.org), a humanitarian organisation that provides volunteer work to help educate impoverished global third world communities in sustainable growing practices as well as install water purification systems in their villages. They also provide homes, schools, medical care, food, clothes, education, personal empowerment and LOVE to children and youth in need. We also give monthly to ‘The Pachamama Alliance’ (pachamama.org) in support of sustainability and indigenous cultures. 


With love

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