Wildcrafted & Organic Plantlife

Wildcrafted plants are harvested from their natural habitats where they grow freely, untouched by humankind. They are ideally supported by compatible plants and eco-systems in soil that is teeming with abundant life and nutrients to support their growth. This results in plant-life that is higher in nutrient values than organically and commercially farmed plants and 100% free of additives.

Wildcrafted plants most often grow in pristine environments, such as forested regions or around bodies of water, where there is an unseen life- force energy that can be sensed. This energy contributes in subtle ways to the dynamic properties found in wildcrafted plants. Edible wildcrafted plants are often called “superfoods” because of their higher nutrient and energy values.

Our first choice of ingredients for ISUN products are wildcrafted plants in the forms of herbs, oils and essential oils. Alive wildcrafted plants are the most harmonious with our bodies and offer optimal benefits for our skin and overall well-being due to their dynamic properties.

Higher in superconducting ions and biophotons than cultivated plants, they are easily absorbed by our skin and send positive messages to our skin receptors to produce beta-endorphins, the happy hormones that awaken the natural radiance in our skin and promote feelings of well-being.

With love

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