Organic & Natural Serums

Serums are skin boosters that enhance and compliment your skin care moisturisers. They are typically a light liquid blend of water-soluble ingredients and often include a small quantity of oils. An infusion of active ingredients that are determined by the product function is added to the serum base.

Serums are most often applied before a moisturiser in a layering process. With this application, it functions as a booster with added benefits. Serums may also serve as a light moisturiser when applied alone for oily, combination or normal skin or when used in humid climates. 

How to use

Apply our organic serums morning and evening after cleansing, before moisturising. Serums have a small molecular structure that can penetrate deeply into skin and deliver a high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them excellent at targeting specific skincare concerns.

Beauty tips

For oily or combination skin best suited with a lighter application of the facial oil, mix 1 pump of Emerald Sun and 1 pump of the ISUN facial oil for your skin type. This will hydrate the skin and facilitate deeper penetration of the nutrient oil moisturiser leaving a radiant glow with no greasy feeling.

Phyto-Infusion Serum - Blend with ‘Emerald Sun Hydrosol’ for a super-light, sheer feeling (ideal for oily skin). Blend with a selected ISUN moisturising oil to create a lighter, creamy application of the oil that is more rapidly absorbed. Blend with Peptide Eye Cream to add regenerating benefits to the cream (or apply the serum around the eyes before applying the eye cream.)

Radiant Light - For best results, gently exfoliate skin first with ISUN Crystal Cleansing Exfoliant. Apply Radiant Light Serum and follow with the ISUN facial oil moisturiser for your skin type.

The collection

ISUN offers 5 distinctive natural serums, each with its own unique function to repair, brighten, balance and rejuvenate all skin types and concerns. Vegan plant stem cells, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, antioxidants, peptides and algae are just some of the key active ingredients found in our serums.

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