Conscious Ingredients that 'Do No Harm'

The leading principle in the selection of ISUN ingredients is that no ingredient used in any product, or the final product itself, bring harm to any individual or the environment in any way.

Do No Harm to the user or consumer of the products 
All products that we apply to our skin are absorbed through the skin into the tissues just beneath the skin’s surface that contain tiny blood capillaries. Chemicals (as well as nutrients) in skin care products travel through these capillaries into larger veins and eventually into the tissues, organs and cells of our body. Chemicals in skin care products that are deposited into our tissues and cells can have hidden damaging effects that are not obvious to us.

Some of those hidden effects may be:
1.  A weakening of our immune system that may lead to illness and more long-term serious, degenerative disease.
2.  Liver congestion that upsets more than 400 functions in our body also leading to lowered immunity with greater susceptibility to illness and disease, as well as digestive disturbances, ageing effects in skin and in the body, skin imbalances, fatigue & mental lethargy.
3.  Cellular DNA alterations that can lead to cancers, poor cellular metabolic activity causing more rapid ageing effects, and undermining overall physical and mental health.
4.  Alterations in brain chemistry that may lead to imbalanced emotional disturbances such as depression, angry outbursts, fear or anxiety.

Many of the undermining results of chemicals listed above that enter the body via the skin occur from accumulation over time from applying products containing harmful chemicals. With the long-term effects of chemical accumulations in the tissues, most often when illness or disease happens many months or years later, the use of such topically applied products is not associated as a probable cause of the problem, yet they may well be an underlying factor. 

Research has shown there is a dynamic interaction between the skin and the nervous system. For example, we all know the negative reactions that can happen in the skin due to stressful situations – like hives or rashes or acne.

Most revealing is that recent scientific research has discovered that not only does the skin produce neurotransmitters, it also has neurotransmitter receptor sites that respond either favourably or unfavourably to substances that are applied to the skin. 

It was found that when we apply a substance to our skin that is non-toxic and especially when loaded with healthy nutrients and good intentions, our skin produces happy chemicals called Beta-endorphins. Beta-endorphins not only improve our appearance, but they give us feelings of well-being and pleasure.

Opposite to this response is when we apply chemically toxic substances to our skin. Our nervous system responds by producing chemicals that can make us feel irritated, angry or depressed. When we observe all the chemically-laden products that people use on their skin, eat and drink, it is easy to understand why anger, irritability and depression are so rampant in our society.

Do No Harm to the ecological environment 
ISUN natural ingredients come from global sources where animals, microorganisms and their ecosystems are protected … Where sustainable practices and harvesting support a thriving, healthy, natural diverse environment.

Do No Harm to those from whom we source our ingredients 
Our ingredients are purchased in fair trade where all are paid fair wages and no child labour is employed.

Do No Harm to animals 
No ingredient used in ISUN products and no ISUN product has been subjected to animal testing.

Wildcrafted, Organic and Natural Ingredients
Unadulterated, wildcrafted and organic plant ingredients are life-supporting gifts from nature that work best in perfect harmony with our body and mind, and the largest organ of our body – our skin. When applied to our skin in their whole form, untouched by chemicals and kept alive through cold-processing, their rich nutrients easily penetrate through the tissues to support healthy cells and healthy metabolic activity to repair damage and maintain balanced youthful radiant skin. In other words, the life-force of both the nutrients and energy of plants that are kept vibrant in a skincare product harmoniously support the life-force in our body and skin best.

The healing nutrients and Light from the ingredients in ISUN products not only support our skin, they also offer healthy support to all of our organs, tissues and cells. This is due to their efficient absorption through the skin and circulation through our bloodstream.

ISUN skin care products do not contain damaging ingredients that may cause ‘hidden’ harmful effects on the body and mind. ISUN products do the opposite by incorporating pure healing ingredients that enhance body-mind health.

The ingredients that create ISUN products are comprised of wild-crafted, organic and natural herbs, oils, essential oils and pure plant distillates.

Manufacturing skin care products with low temperatures that never reach higher than 120°F (48.8°C), maintains the highest levels of integrity and activity of the live plant ingredients. Low heat or cold-processing temperatures when making organic or natural skin care products without the use of harmful chemicals, ensure that the skin is receiving all the nutrients and benefits from the plant ingredients.

Skin care products are most commonly produced with temperatures that range from 158°F (70°C) to 176°F (80°C). These temperatures do not damage chemicals or some inert ingredients, but definitely are destructive for whole plant ingredients such as herbs & other living plants, seeds, seed oils and essential oils.

In the ISUN range of products, only the butter that requires melting and creams and lotions that require wax and therefore melting, are heated to temperatures beyond 120°F (48.8°C). However, with creams and lotions, we prepare the emulsion requiring wax first and allow the mixture to cool well below 120°F (48.8°C) before we add the most active natural ingredients. This allows the highest activity possible in a cream or lotion.

Our most prized and valuable products are our facial serums and 100% active facial oil moisturisers as well as our herb-infused body oils. These products and others have been kept vibrantly alive and nutrient-rich with cold processing.